CMC Flat or Curved MOE AR-15 Lower Parts Kit - Various Colors - 91501 - 91503 - 91502 - 91504 - 92502 - 92504
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CMC Flat or Curved MOE AR-15 Lower Parts Kit - Various Colors

Price: $289.99
SALE PRICE: $189.00
  • Item #: CMCMOELPK
  • Manufacturer: CMC Triggers
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Complete AR-15 enhanced lower parts kit with your choice of CMC trigger: Single stage flat or curved trigger, or two stage flat or curved trigger.  The Magpul MOE grip and MOE trigger guard are also available in your choice of color (Black, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green, and Foliage Green)

Complete Kit Includes:

  • CMC Single Stage Flat/Curved Trigger (Choose Style from Drop-Down Menu)
  • Magpul MOE Grip and MOE Trigger Guard (Choose Color from Drop-Down Menu)
  • PSA Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit. 
  • Includes all Necessary Parts for Installation into your AR-15 Lower Receiver.
  • All Parts Made in USA

CMC Trigger Features:

  • Newest Model with Anti-Walk pins
  • Ultra Crisp Trigger - Single or 2 Stage Action (Choose style from drop down menu)
  • Self-Contained One Piece Assembly
  • Revolutionary Designs Yields Superior Trigger Performance
  • Glass-Smooth Break
  • Minimal Lock-Time
  • Positive Trigger Response
  • Very Easy to Install
  • .154 Standard Small Size Pins and Standard Length Posts
  • 3.5lb pull weight


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